About me

I work for a society where there is an equal space for my thoughts.. and for those who disagree with me..

I called my blog Madina (which means “city” in Arabic) because I write about different topics, I write about any topic comes to my mind or anything moves my feelings.. It’s a city, because its lines are like the old streets of the cities in the Middle East.. you can read love, sorrow or any other emotions on its walls.. It’s a city because what we write is like our cities.. we don’t know who draws whom.. we.. or our cities.. It’s a city because I dream a bout a city that guarantees all its civilians equal rights..

I was born in Damascus 1985 and lived most of my life there… I started blogging in 2008..


Ibrahim Al-Assil is a Syrian political analyst and civil society activist. He is a fellow at the Orient Research Centre and a program officer for Track II Dialogues Initiative at the Middle East Institute in Washington DC. Al-Assil is the president and a founding member of the Syrian Nonviolence Movement, an NGO formed in 2011 to promote peaceful struggle and civil resistance as a way to achieve social, cultural, and political change in Syrian government and society.

In 2013-2014, he frequently visited northern Syria, where he trained Syrian activists in strategic planning and project management as well as conducting studies on the current status and potential role civil society plays in northern Syria.

He was chosen in 2013 as a young leader from the MENA region by the Swedish Institute. Al-Assil has also spoken about Syrian politics and civil society on various panels at the United Nations, Harvard, and the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. He has been an active blogger since 2008 and holds MBA from University of Essex, England.

Email: ibrahim.assil@gmail.com

Twitter: @iAssil

Ibrahim Al-Assil


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